Saturday, June 28, 2014

Mariachi Cobre Performs at MARIACHI USA at the Hollywood Bowl June 28, 2014

Performed by Mariachi Cobre at MARIACHI USA at the Hollywood Bowl June 28, 2014,

Mariachi Cobre is one of America's best known mariachi bands, and performed the National Anthem vocals at MARIACHI USA on June 28, 2017.

Mariachi Cobre has also performed at Grant Park in Chicago with the Grant Park Orchestra, and Epcot Center, Disney World in Orlando since 1982.

MARIACHI USA was created in 1990 and has become the premier mariachi music festival in the United States. Founded and created by Rodri J. Rodriguez, of Rodri Entertainment, the festival was created to give mariachi music a forum for artistic expression and a way to celebrate the rich musical traditions that so many have come to enjoy. Held at the Hollywood Bowl since its inception, the Festival continues thrilling audiences of all generations. In addition to the Festival, Ms. Rodriguez founded the MARIACHI USA Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides mariachi music education to school age kids throughout Los Angeles.

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